About the Challenge

In a nutshell… The 30 Day Challenge helps you transform the energy, wisdom and commitment that you have gained during the workshop into actions. The 30 Day Challenge will help you realize your goals! AND…It’s FREE!!

The 30 Day Challenge starts with
• Committing yourself to working on your short term goals for at least 30 days!
• Writing down your goals and sharing them with others (see examples)
• Anchoring NEW empowering beliefs and feelings, and
• Taking actions – OUTSIDE your comfort zone – for 30 days!

During these 30 days we will support you with e-mails, video and tweets. You can also give your input (success stories and lessons learned) to support others!

The entire training program is FREE

You will receive support online without you spending a dollar (or euro).
That’s right: this is going to cost zip, diddly, nothing, nada, zilch.

What’s in it for us then?
We want to create a Master Mind online (and offline) community of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who are committed to realizing their ambition and helping others realize theirs.

More information? Send me an email: marvin@essentialbi.nl

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